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Gichin Funakoshi is considered the father of modern karate-do. 

He summed up his views of karate with 20 principles:


#1 Never forget that karate begins and ends with respect. 

#2 There is no first attack in karate.

#3 Karate fosters righteousness.

#4 First know yourself and then know others.

#5 Rather than physical technique, mental technique.

#6 Let your mind roam freely.

#7 Inattention and neglect causes misfortune.

#8 Never think that karate is practiced only in the dojo. 

#9 Karate is a life-long pursuit.

#10 Everything you encounter is an aspect of karate: find the marvelous truth there.

#11 Karate is like boiling water: if you do not keep the flame high, it turns tepid.

#12 Do not think about winning; think about not losing. 

#13 Respond in accordance to your opponent.

#14 Wage the battle with natural strategy.

#15 Regard your hands and feet as sharp swords.

#16 Step out the door and you face 10,000 foes.

#17 Learn various stances as a beginner but then rely on a natural posture.

#18 The kata must always be practiced correctly: real combat is another matter.

#19 Never forget your own strengths and weakness, the limitations of your body, and the relative quality of your techniques.

#20 Continuously polish your mind.