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Perry "Dynamite" Ubeda

Club: Perry Ubeda's Training Center

Date of birth: 12 September 1971

City of birth: Nijmegen

Country: Netherlands

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 76 kg



European Champion Full Contact I.K.B.F. '93-'99

European Champion Thai Boxing W.M.T.A. '92-'95

Dutch Kickboxing champion W.K.A. '96-'99

World Champion Thai Boxing W.M.T.A. '95-'99

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Perry Ubeda is one of the finest kickboxers ever. He is fast, well trained and sophisticated.

We have recently watched a taped Perry Ubeda seminar. This guy is awesome. He is one of the best thai-boxing teachers around. He is available for seminars. Contact him via his website www.perryubeda.com.

Click on the thumbnails bellow to see some photos of Perry. They are a kind contribution of Don Clovis, (Perry's manager).

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