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Rodrigo Medeiros

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Richard Hackworth

Multi-arts Grand Master Richard Hackworth is the owner of the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies school in Ocoee, Florida and Co-author of the "Martial Arts Profits & Success Manual" and the "Authentic Korean Hapkido Manual". Hackworth is the International Chapter President of the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association. He can be reached at www.kmaia-usa.org or drhackworth@earthlink.net.

Don Clovis

Depretz Ch. Clovis (mostly Known as “Don” Clovis) is the manager of Perry Ubeda, Bas Rutten, Rob Kaman and many other big names! He is the man who gave color to kickboxing.

Dirk Stal

Dirk Stal is a martial arts enthusiast and lives in Dordrecht / Holland. He collects videos of kickboxing and mixed martial arts. His favorite kickboxer is Rob Kaman and his other favorites are Peter “Hurricane” Smit, Andy Hug, Branko Cikatic, Peter Aerts, Ramon Dekkers, Fred Royers, Andre Brilleman and Ivan Hippolyte. His favorite MMA fighter is Igor Vovchanchyn and he also likes Gilbert Yvel and Bas Rutten a lot!!! He created the Rob Kaman webpage.

Oliver Sperling

Oliver Sperling is a former Kyokushin karate-ka. He started to train in Kyokushin in Copenhagen back in 1985. He has a big passion for Kyokushin knock-down karate and the K-1. He was trained by Andy Hug in Kyokushin karate before Andy left the organization and turned to Seidokaikan in 1992. Oliver is a big Andy Hug fan.
He has a webpage dedicated to the memory of Andy Hug that can be found in http://www.andyhug.subnet.dk/


Martha Barth

Martha Barth, B.A., M.A.

Martha, our copy editor, has taught ESL for over 10 years and is presently living and working in Crete.  She is an experienced editor of scientific, academic and professional copy in Europe, Hong Kong and the USA.  If you would like to contact Martha for copy or text editing, she can be reached at:  motherofdickens@yahoo.co.uk

Wim Demeere

Wim Demeere is a martial artist working full time as a Personal Trainer. His training is geared towards ringsports and self-defence in which he has extensive experience. He is also the co-author, along with Loren W. Christensen, of the bestselling book "The Fighter’s Body: An Owner's Manual". He owns and manages the martial arts website www.grindingshop.com.


Robert Ciapparelli

Robert Ciapparelli is a JKD Unlimited practitioner and studies under Sifu Morne Swanepoel in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is dedicated to the pursuit of complete martial freedom, as well as to enhancing his unlimited potential within the realms of combat and beyond.
He can be contacted via his website http://wulijkd.50megs.com/


Susumu Nagao

Some of our pictures were taken by the world famous MMA photographer Susumu Nagao, and used with permission.

Black Belt Magazine

Black Belt Magazine is our best resource when it comes to information and articles.


Captain Bob

Webmaster of  Jerome Le Banner, the official website


Paulo Ruy Barbosa


Alireza Fadaie Khoi

Alireza Fadaie Khoi is a representative of Karate International Council of Kickboxing (KICK) in the Middle East  and west of Canada, promoter, trainer and manager, contributing editor of the best martial arts magazine in his country and renowned author and translator who wishes to raise his name in today's world of martial arts and make friendship between the nations by cooperating with the greatest names of  martial arts. To visit his website please go to: WWW.KICKMIDDLEEAST.COM. Email: alirezafadaie@yahoo.com & info@kickmiddleeast.com

Jeroen Beek


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